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Angiomas in Accra, Ghana

Are you tired of that circular, red skin growth that seems to stand out due to its bright color? While typically harmless to your health, the appearance of an angioma can take a toll on your self-esteem and confidence.

But, the good news is that there are options to eliminate this annoying skin condition.

What Are Angiomas?

This condition is a benign growth skin made of up blood vessels. These growths can develop as spider or cherry-type bumps, and the cause is unknown.

Affected areas do not need to be treated if they are not causing quality-of-life problems.

However, if the affected areas bleed or cause discomfort, the condition should be treated immediately.

How Are Angiomas Diagnosed?

A dermatologist or other medical skincare professional can diagnose angiomas during a physical exam.

If there seem to be inconsistencies with the affected area, a biopsy may be ordered just to be sure your growth is not malignant.

Angiomas In Accra Ghana

What Treatments for Angiomas Are Available?

Treatment for this skin condition includes Aerolase, electrodesiccation, and liquid nitrogen, and can cause moderate discomfort for the patient when treated.

Electrodessication, for example, touches the skin with an electric needle destroying the blood vessels causing the condition. Laser treatments such as Aerolaze utilize a beam of light that focuses on the infected area virtually pain free!

Am I a Good Candidate for Angioma Treatment?

A good candidate for treatment is best determined by your skincare specialist, who will conduct a thorough examination and create a personalized plan for your skin.

You’re likely an ideal candidate for Aerolase for angiomas if you’re in overall good health, want to beautify your skin, and have realistic expectations about treatment outcomes.

Where Can I Get the Best Angiomas Treatment in Accra?

Estar Pharma offers Aerolase(link to new landing page once posted) and other sensational treatments to eliminate a wide variety of skin issues such as angiomas.

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