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PepFactor Hair Growth

PepFactor Hair Growth in Accra, Ghana

Have you heard the buzz? PepFactor for scalp rejuvenation is the latest in cutting-edge hair restoration treatments. If you’re concerned about hair loss, don’t be!

PepFactor helps rejuvenate hair follicles on your scalp from the inside out. Take a look at how you can get thicker, denser hair with the latest treatment in hair growth.

I’ve Never Heard of PepFactor – What Exactly Is It?

PepFactor is an amazing new topical serum created that is applied directly to your scalp through microneedling.

It gets its name from the 146 amino acid polypeptide chain that is the only bioidentical protein available that stimulates hair growth by dramatically increasing collagen and elastin production in the treated area.

Give Me the Details on Downtime After This Remarkable Treatment!

You can get excellent results with PepFactor hair growth without surgery, stitches, downtime, or blood draw. 

There may be a little tenderness and swelling in the treated area, but these go away within a day

So, How Many Treatments Do I Need for Sensational Results?

You only need three or four treatments spaced about a month apart to see maximum results.

PepFactor Hair Growth Is the Right Choice- Talk to Me About Results!

The best part about PepFactor is that results come quickly! Many people have reported seeing hair growth in just one week.

You experience maximum results in about 12 to 26 weeks after your final treatment. 

Experience the Latest In Scalp Rejuvenation at Estar Pharma & Aesthetics  Center

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