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Liposuction in Accra Ghana

Did you know body contouring without surgery is possible? It is through an innovative procedure called Cavi-Lipo!

How does treatment work, what results can you expect, and how much does liposuction in Accra, Ghana cost? Keep reading to find out!

What Exactly Is Cavi-Lipo?

Also known as ultrasonic cavitation, this non-invasive contouring procedure utilizes low-frequency sound waves to disrupt fat cells beneath the skin which causes them to break down. Over time, they are eliminated naturally by your body. 

You should turn to a reputable provider to determine the number of treatments you need. However, most patients benefit from six to 10 sessions. 

Are Results From This Type of Liposuction in Accra, GhanaPermanent?

While it can take up to three months to see the final outcome after your last session, results are considered permanent. This is because once the fat cells are broken down and eliminated, they are gone for good. 

Because it is possible to gain weight after the procedure, it is important to remember that a healthy lifestyle is key to maintaining long-term results.

How Much Does Cavi-Lipo Cost?

The average cost per treatment is $1,300, but factors such as the experience of your provider, equipment used, and the number of sessions necessary to achieve your desired outcomes all influence your final cost.

Schedule a Consultation to Find Out if Liposuction in Accra, Ghana Is Right for You

A medical evaluation is needed to determine your safety. But, as long as you are in overall good health with a stable weight, a nonsmoker, have a positive mindset, realistic expectations, and are committed to proper nutrition and fitness you are likely a fantastic candidate!

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