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If you’re struggling to get your acne under control, then it’s time that you look into Aerolase, an innovative laser device that helps you achieve clear skin.

Here are just four reasons why the top acne specialist in Silver Spring recommends Aerolase!


Aerolase Is Comfortable, Easy, and Proven Effective

Many people hesitate to undergo laser treatments because they fear it’ll hurt. With Aerolase for acne, this simply isn’t the case. This state-of-the-art laser device is designed with comfort and efficacy in mind, delivering powerful but gentle treatment that really works.


Nearly Everyone Is an Ideal Areolas Candidate

Many light-based procedures are limiting, making it so only a small group of people are eligible. Aerolase has made it so almost everyone can benefit from treatment, including patients with dark skin and severe or cystic acne.


Downtime Is Virtually Non-Existent

If you’re using Aerolase for acne, it’s likely you have sensitive or reactive skin that becomes red and / or inflamed and doesn’t respond well during the recovery stage of a procedure. Thankfully, recovery is super simple and doesn’t require downtime, so you can enjoy your results sooner.


Aerolase Results Are Long Lasting

Not only can results be seen in just four to eight weeks after your completed treatment plan, usually involving a series of three to six sessions with your acne specialist in Silver Spring, these results are long lasting.

Aerolase is intended for long-term acne management, meaning you won’t be spending a fortune on follow-up sessions.

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